Señor Perro

I had a little photoshoot with the litte Perro. He is a mix of australian shepherd and some german cattle dog, powerd by endless energy and really fun to photograph. We did a little photowalk in the spring sun and took pictures of the running and playing dogs. As you can see, I espacially enjoyed the sandy pictures 😉 I just love the effect of a full stop in the sand.

160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim019 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim037 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim064 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim069 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim353  160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim479  160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim499 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim514 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim515 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim516 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim523 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim538 160319_Rumo_Perro_Zim548