Haflinger Lena in Tirol

I went to Tyrol to visit my friend Gerti again, and of course to picture her beautiful Haflinger mare Lena again. In the past I already had this pleasure a few times and I really had fun with her again. We also took some pictures of the family’s pony Cira, a fluffy cute little rascal 😉

First we took the horses to an amazing place to take pictures of them in front of the mountain panorama of the tyrollean Nordkette alps. Later in the night, we took some portraits in my mobile photo studio back at the stables.

160328_Lena199 160328_Cira011 160328_Lena187 160328_Lena194 160328_Lena196 160328_Lena237 160328_Lena251 160328_Lena061

160328_Lena086 160328_Lena061 160328_Lena060 160328_Cira041 160328_Cira011


No photoshooting without fun! It just happened that the horses had the same colors as my dogs Rumo and Zim. And these two also enjoyed the wonderful view (I guess), or at least they liked it to lie in the grass and the sun warming their furry coats.

160328_Cira-Lena-Rumo-Zim038 160328_Rumo-Zim038  160328_Rumo-Zim094 160328_Rumo-Zim134 160328_Rumo-Zim162 160328_Rumo-Zim194