The Achensee with Rumo & Zim

During our Tyrol trip we had plenty of beautiful locations for walking with the dogs. Often I don’t take the camera with me, because I forgot it or because sometimes I just want to enjoy the walk and the countryside. But we once stopped at the Achensee close by Innsbruck and in this scenario of mountains, lake, sand, mud and my dogs, I had to take some pictures at last 😉

The dogs had fun and my shoes were very sandy. The dogs were sandy too, but happy 😉

160330_Rumo-Zim014 160330_Rumo-Zim028 160330_Rumo-Zim042 160330_Rumo-Zim052 160330_Rumo-Zim099 160330_Rumo-Zim115 160330_Rumo-Zim122 160330_Rumo-Zim143 160330_Rumo-Zim147 160330_Rumo-Zim151 160330_Rumo-Zim170 160330_Rumo-Zim183 160330_Rumo-Zim211 160330_Rumo-Zim219 160330_Rumo-Zim232 160330_Rumo-Zim248 160330_Rumo-Zim254 160330_Rumo-Zim261 160330_Rumo-Zim264 160330_Rumo-Zim286