Pferdezucht Cantico in the photo studio

I went to visit my dear friend Barbara Frisch near Linz, who is breeding horses with the name Pferdezucht Cantico. We decided to take studio portraits of her horses, since these pictures on black are timeless and very special. It is worth setting up the mobile studio if you have at least a few horses. So we pictured her Haflinger mares Solaja, Saphira-Shirin and the young Annabell, her Warmblood girls Maxima and Lucienne, as well as her approved Haflinger stallion Bregolas ZGC and the Shetland stallion Lucky Nr. 7 el Saraja.

Also, it was Barbara’s special wish to have some pictures of her with her horses. Pahaska, the white shepherd should als not miss the fun 😉

We also set up a new date in summer to take outdoor pictures of alle horses and some sportive ones of her stallions. I can’t wait to travel to Austria again!

Visit Barbaras Facebook-page Pferdezucht Cantico to learn more about her horses.

160331_Solaja12 160331_Solaja34 160331_SaphiraShirin44 160331_Annabell24 160331_Annabell26 160331_Lucienne16 160331_Lucienne61 160331_Lucienne84 160331_Maxima49 160331_Maxima65 160331_Bregolas38 160331_Bregolas54 160331_Lucky02 160331_Lucky51 160331_Pahaska30