Eric & Stefan — Prewedding Shooting

I don’t consider myself as a wedding photographer. There are so many talented photographers who capture every magical moment during these important days (unfortunately also a great amount of untalented people who try to do the same), and I’m really not so much into weddings. The pressure to make “perfect” pictures of nervous couples, working really hard the full day and many more later at home and the sad fact, that many couples are not willing to pay a fair amount of money for this work or almost worse: don’t take enough time to take pictures, are not really appealing to me.

But it happens that sometimes I change my mind 🙂 So for my dear friends Eric and Stefan, who will have a small and formal wedding in a few weeks. We are very close friends, but being photographed can be a weird feeling in the beginning. So we went out to have a little prewedding shooting to get a feeling for the camera, preferred poses and of course to have some pictures for the invitation card 😉

We chose the “Neuer Garten” in Potsdam, with the last sun light of a magnificent day. The two guys are active cyclists and very into bikes, so we had a bike theme for the pictures and they took their tandem bike. I personally only know cliché pictures with tandem: guy in front and girl behind. I really disliked this idea of having roles on the bike, so we took many funny pictures with it. The perfect light and the location did everything else to fulfill a good job 🙂


160507_Eric-Stefan086160507_Eric-Stefan132 160507_Eric-Stefan177 160507_Eric-Stefan187 160507_Eric-Stefan195 160507_Eric-Stefan204 160507_Eric-Stefan218 160507_Eric-Stefan227 160507_Eric-Stefan250 160507_Eric-Stefan342 160507_Eric-Stefan352 160507_Eric-Stefan378 160507_Eric-Stefan410 160507_Eric-Stefan426 160507_Eric-Stefan450 160507_Eric-Stefan469

Yes, that is my Rumo running through the picture 😉 I have many without the dog, but it looked kinda natural when he “escaped” and preferred to run by the bike. And yes, of course I had to take a minute to take a picture of my beautiful dogs in this beautiful light.