Cimarron Uruguayo puppies in Germany

The breeders of my dog Rumo (Bilu CU Semperfi) have a new litter, so I was very happy to visit them again an take pictures of the pups. They have the same parents as mine, so it was very interesting observing and comparing them, also to the previous litter. We took pictures in the garden, when the puppies where playing, to have natural pictures. As photographer it is hard to remember if I took pictures of every pup, so it is absolutely necessary to have individual photos of each.

It is important to calculate enough time for Kennel-shootings with young pups. This litter was only 7,5 weeks old, so they need to sleep a lot and you have to organize the shooting around their food-sleep-play-schedule. However, we were able to take individual shots on the table and cute pictures of couples in a wine crate.

I’m very happy with the pictures and hope to meet the pups again one day!

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