Haflinger stallion Naseweis on the beach

I was so happy to take pictures of the beautiful stallion Naseweis during our beach session 🙂 I saw him 2006 at the stallion selection in Ebbs, Tyrol as a 3 year old, but now he is all grown up, strong, beautiful and shining.

Naseweis was not so much of a fan of the strong wind we had, in combination of being alone, so we stayed for the shooting close to the trailer with the other horses. That is quite normal, that in a new place horses what to stick together, even if they don’t know each other. We take advantage of this natural behavior and always shoot in a group, so the horses feel comfortable and stay relaxed. When we let them run free, they always come back to the group.

Shooting with a stallion is not that easy. We can’t let him run to the group, that would be too dangerous and risky. But, if the group is in the trailer, nothing can happen and the stallion also won’t run away, since the trailer and the horses within are the closest thing to “home” to him. Even if Naseweis was a little bit wild before, around the trailer he was super polite and respectful and a perfect photo model. “Leaving the comfort zone” doesn’t apply to all horses 😉 For good results, it is necessary to adapt to every individual character. This is only possible if you have enough time, patience and a good team.

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