Samarkand & Hannah – beach session

You always meet twice. Or trice. Or multiple more times 😉 This is the story behind my friendship with Hannah and her Haflinger gelding Samarkand. We met a few years ago for the first beach shooting session ever. It was on the baltic sea close to Kiel. She helped organizing and coordinating the particpants, because I didn’t know the location. And even if, it is always good to have helping hands on location 😉 Later the year, on a cold november day, we had a spontaneous shooting with her Sammy and some other horses of the same stables. We met again 2014 for the shooting in St. Peter Ording and another time to take sport pictures of the pair.

Sammy had an injured leg during the last year and after long months of waiting, in the beginning of the year the vet gave the ok to start training again. What a perfect timing for our beach session in may!

Many times already I took pictures of Hannah and Sammy, first at the Baltic sea, at home at the stables and then two years ago at exact the same location in St. Peter Ording. You should think that at some point there should be “enough” pictures of the same horse and place, but that’s not true. A repetition gives new possibilities and new themes. Two years ago we where at exactly the same beach, but this time we took completely different pictures, because we know each other better, you communicate your wishes and ideas directly.

160515_Samarkand0101 160515_Samarkand0023 160515_Samarkand0447 160515_Samarkand0175 160515_Samarkand0210 160515_Samarkand0511 160515_Samarkand0711 160515_Samarkand0759 160515_Samarkand0554 160515_Samarkand0595 160515_Samarkand0628 160515_Samarkand0690


The last light of the day…
Especially in summer you have to wait for it, because it’s only the last 15-20 minutes before the sun goes down completely. But you will realize afterwards (and during 😉 ) that it’s worth it, even if everybody is already tired of the day 🙂

160515_Samarkand0964 160515_Samarkand1006 160515_Samarkand1023 160515_Samarkand1039160515_Samarkand1059160515_Samarkand1045