Tari & Lena

Tori used to he a sport horse and he is lucky to have a quiet and respectful life with Lena now. Older horses are always very special to take pictures with, because you can almost always feel the bond they share with their owner. So it was with Tari, who’s legs are not fit enough anymore for sport pictures or wild-running-in-nature-photos. Lena booked me for a portrait shooting, because she didn’t have any pics of her horse and herself. Lucky us, at this time of the year the rape seed fields are blooming and their yellow gave an incredible contrast to the blueish sky. What a color-mix with Lena’s pink dress, I really love these pictures!

Of course we respect agriculture, so it should be needless to say: we didn’t trample around in the field. If you wish to take pictures in flower fields, you should look out for the tractor lanes. Almost every field has them and they are large enough to walk on them, so you don’t damage any flowers. Then it is the photographers job to take pictures from different views and angles, so you don’t see the lanes anymore 🙂

After this shooting, we went back to the stables. Lena and Tari took some rounds on the riding court, again in a perfect outfit with matching colors 😉 I really enjoyed taking pictures with this nice couple and I hope to see them again soon.


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