Internationale Haflinger Meisterschaften 2016

It is probably the biggest Haflinger Sport event in Germany: the Internationale Haflinger Meisterschaften (IHM) in Gunzenhausen, Bavaria. It is a championship for Haflinger and Edelbluthaflinger in many different disciplines and shows the true versatility of the breed (since I don’t make a difference between Haflinger and Edelbluthaflinger, I refer both as Haflinger 😉 In my opinion the separation of the breeds is based on breeding politics and marketing, but in the end nobody can tell the breeds apart, only if you study the pedigree…).

There are competitions in dressage, show jumping, cross country, driving singles and pairs, western, leisure and skillfulness in some kind of pony games parcours stretched over three days. The First IHM was 2014 and before that, there were already many years a local Haflinger competition on the same spot. I was helping out in the beginnings of the IHM and my Design gave it a face, I created the Logo, the colors, the website, the first Facebook-marketing, postcards and so on.


It is the first time that I am counting my hours of work, just because I think it’s interesting: I was photographing 26 hours of competitions on three days. On the first two evenings I was already starting to sort and manage my pictures, total 9 hours, on the third evening after driving home another 4 hours. In the next days I was editing the pictures in around 15 hours, I was quick because I really wanted to work them in one week. Uploading on happened through the nights, editing the categories in the system and moving the pictures took maybe another 2-3 hours in total. You can add some hours in answering mails, managing requests of magazines, picking the best pictures for a “best of”, managing Facebook, etc. So in all, I worked more than 60 hours as photographer for the IHM, I took around 10.000 pictures and edited 3000+ which I uploaded on my website. I had in total a 12 hours drive from home to the IHM an back, needed a place to sleep and food to eat. Maybe these numbers help some people to understand, why it is not nice if they pick the pictures from my website, without paying for them. I worked really hard to take many good pictures almost all the participants. If you wish, that there will be photographers taking pictures of you in your competitions, you shouldn’t just take the pictures and upload them on Facebook (what is illegal anyway), but pay the price the photographer is asking for.

160603_IHM_01_Re-193-Wyno38 160603_IHM_01_Re-199-Alaba38 160603_IHM_02_Ei-028-ArmaniAss22 160603_IHM_06_Dr-051-Chiara03 160603_IHM_06_Dr-128-Novelle09 160603_IHM_16_Ge-132-Nordfalke24 160603_IHM_16_Ge-173-Walesco50 160604_IHM_03_Dr-015-AmoreMio27 160604_IHM_35_WR_190-Winterglanz21 160604_IHM_13_Sp-160-Steamboat07 160604_IHM_35_WT-205-MrFinley-Waldano15 160604_IHM_15_Sp-023-Aragorn02 160604_IHM_13_Sp-057-Farina02 160603_IHM_32_Ei-149-Salvator12160604_IHM_38_AP_021-Anton02 160604_IHM_38_AP_029-ArminBalou26 160604_IHM_38_AP_084-Maxl09 160604_IHM_38_GHP_030-Armstrong21 160604_IHM_38_GHP_153-ShootingStar17 160604_IHM_38_GHP_181-WildrosesFienchen04 160604_IHM_Festabend12 160604_IHM_Festabend18 160604_IHM_Festabend49 160604_IHM_W_029-ArminBalou05 160604_IHM_Western-Sieger01 160605_IHM_10_Dr-051-Chiara30 160605_IHM_10_Dr-109-Nemo15 160605_IHM_17_Ge_023-Aragorn06 160605_IHM_17_Ge_177-Wellington28 160605_IHM_21_Fa-17-Winzertraum060 160605_IHM_25_Fa-37-NoLimit35 160605_IHM_29_Fa-16-Arion-Athen27 160605_IHM_29_Fa-38-Blasius-Meike58 160605_IHM_Fahren-Sieger15 160605_IHM_Fahren-Sieger32 160605_IHM-Champions40 160605_IHM_Fahren-Sieger72