The Pixel Nomad Summer Tour 2016

I will travel the alps region in September 2016 and can make a limited number of photo shootings. Write me if you are interested and if you already have any ideas for your photoshooting. I will fix my definitive route after the first definitive bookings.

Prices and rates are according to my Pixel Service and the Pixel Nomad Work & Travel


  • Shooting in Königsbrunn 28.-29.8.
  • Shooting in Schwabmünchen 30.8.

I’m coming to Bavaria again at the end of my journey:

  • Shooting in Königsbrunn and Allgäu 29.-30.9.
  • Süddeutsche Körung München 1.-2.10.
  • München 3.10.


I’m in Switzerland the first week of September (30.8.-4.9.)

  • Shooting in Schaffhausen 30.8.
  • Shootings in Basel/Baselland 31.8.-3.9.
  • Berner Alpen and Genf 3.9.-4.9.
  • contact me if you are interested in a shooting somewhere in Switzerland


I’m in France around the ~5.9.-8.9. I will travel from Switzerland to the South, stay between Marseille and Nice pour a few days and then head towards Italy.

  • Shooting in Le Chambon sur Lignon, Elevage des Crinières d’Or 5.9.
  • between Marseille and Nice the 6.-8.9.
  • between Nice and Italy the 9.9.
  • contact me if you are interested in a shooting somewhere in Southern France



  • Journey through northern Italy is planned, from France to Austria. I plan a stop in Lombardia or South Tyrol.
  • depending my shootings in Austria I might be close to Italy again later in September
  • contact me for a shooting somewhere in Northern Italy
~ 10.-20.09. – Austria:

  • ARGE Bundeschampionat in Stadl-Paura, 11.9.
  • Shooting in Mettmach, OÖ 12.9.
  • Shooting in Pucking, OÖ, 13.9.
  • I’m looking for Shootings in Niederösterreich and Vienna 16.9.-20.9.
  • more Shootings and Tirol and other parts of Austria 23.9.-28.9.
  • contact me if you are interested in a shooting anywhere in Austria!
~ 23.-30.09. – Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia

Depending on my photo locations and request I might travel to Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and/or Coratia

    If you are interested in shootings somewhere on the route, write me a message with you shooting idea, location and time (ich spreche Deutsch / I speak English / je parle Français):