Agility in Berlin

It’s been a long time since I took pictures of dog sports, especially of Agility. These are dogs of my training class in Berlin. I love the variety of breeds and sizes, it proves that every dog can do Agility and sports 🙂

Thanks for taking pictures of my dogs during my turn Yolanda! 🙂

160620_Agility-Agathe05 160620_Agility-Agathe21 160620_Agility-Agathe29 160620_Agility-Bella29 160620_Agility-Bella42 160620_Agility-Bella50 160620_Agility-Hermione01 160620_Agility-Hermione15 160620_Agility-Hermione20 160620_Agility-Lena06 160620_Agility-Lena23 160620_Agility-Lena47 160620_Agility-Lena64 160620_Agility-Luessi31 160620_Agility-Luessi43 160620_Agility-Pepe02 160620_Agility-Pepe30 160620_Agility-Pepe33 160620_Agility-Pepe52 160620_Agility-Rumo17 160620_Agility-Zim13 160620_Agility-Zim39