Interregionale Haflinger Show in Luxembourg

Eight years ago, in 2008, I visited the European Haflinger Show in Luxembourg for the first time. This show left a nice impression on me, that’s why I decided to come back to Luxembourg this year for the Interregional Haflinger Show in Ettelbrück.

The show was integrated in the Foire Agricole, so there were enough attractions to see around the show rings. Here are some impressions of the Haflinger Show, visit for all the pictures of the show and the spectacle.

160703_Lux_80-Mandy-vunDerMillen22 160702_Lux_01-Alexander11 160702_Lux_08-Woodland072 160702_Lux_15-Steuermann026 160702_Lux_45-MagicRose-vunDerMillen29 160702_Lux_68-Rosa-vanHetOudbroek01 160702_Lux-Amadeo-VanDeTibbe015 160702_Lux-Ebbs-Fahrschule013 160702_Lux-Namurai034 160702_Lux-Roffka-4spaenner092 160702_Lux-Stuntteam035 160702_Lux-Stuntteam078 160702_Lux-TeamKoenig086 160703_Lux_04-Namurai30 160703_Lux_07-Ebbs-Quadrillie47 160703_Lux_11-Monsoon-SpringMead122 160703_Lux_12-Strippoker37 160703_Lux_14-Voltigieren011 160703_Lux_15-Steuermann068 160703_Lux_16-Amadeo-vanDeTibbe064 160703_Lux_17-Roemer-Quadriga033 160703_Lux_17-Roemer-Quadriga055 160703_Lux_28-Armelie51

We visited the city of Luxembourg, the heart of Europe and stayed the weekend in the cute village Larochette, so we got a nice overview of the country and people. I loved the language mix of French, German and Letzeburgisch, as franco-allemande, it made me feel at home 😉 I think my dogs also enjoyed the countryside, because we had a wonderful host with three great dogs, every two- and fourlegged traveller could enjoy the weekend a lot.

160701_Lux-Hunde07 160701_Lux-Hunde43 160701_Lux-Hunde77 IMG_2795 IMG_2803