Schwarzwald Portraits

When people think about traditional german clothing, most would consider the bavarian one (Dirndl and Lederhosen) as THE german style. But truth is, that there is so much more variety and every region has their own tradition. So in July I visited Julia and her family in the Hochschwarzwald, the High Black Forest region. They have 3 Haflinger horses and one Schwarzwälder mare. Not only the humans wore traditional clothing, but also the horses hat their own traditional brindles, what a lovely ensemble!

The soft evening sun kissed us during the shooting with these harmonic couples and I was very exited about these amazing outfits. In the end the Haflinger gelding Basano showed us some tricks like lying down and the oldie Flori with over 30 years had also his place on the pictures. The Schwarzwälder mare with the lovely and fitting name Edeltraud did also a very good job next to her Haflinger friends Basano, Amps and Flori.

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