Wallstreet – the dressage Haflinger

The Pixel Nomad is back on tour and my first stop is in Bavaria in Königsbrunn at the home of my most favorite sport Haflingers 😉 For now 10 (!!) years I photograph the horses of Beyschlag Sporthaflinger, which are mostly Haflinger stallions and geldings. Wall street was bought as foal, after he won the southern german championships (Süddeutsches Fohlenchampionat). I met him the first time as yearling, then he won the stallion selection in Munich and started his career as sport Haflinger. Today he is 7 years old and already placed in S-Dressage, as the youngest Haflinger ever achieving this success! I guess we can expect more from this boy, I can’t wait to see him again next year 🙂

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