Cascaya and Dagostino – sport session

I already mentioned in my post about the Haflinger Wallstreet, that since many years I visit Beyschlag Sporthaflinger to take pictures of their blond horses. But two days ago was the first time ever that we took more pictures of Warmbloods than of Haflingers 😉

“Casa” came to the family as their first warmblood. As young filly she was “the brown one” and for long time she was also the only mare between all the geldings and stallions. When I met her the first time as a yearling, she was already taller than her blond colleagues and had the longest ears in the universe 😉 Now she is six years old and is till taller than everybody else and the length of her ears did also increase. But also she is a beauty! and she is wonderful to look at under the saddle.

160828_Casa027 160828_Casa032 160828_Casa053 160828_Casa069 160828_Casa091 160828_Casa127 160828_Casa145 160828_Casa163 160828_Casa167 160828_Casa180 160828_Casa183 160828_Casa189 160828_Casa209 160828_Casa214 160828_Casa230 160828_Casa244 160828_Casa317 160828_Casa335 160828_Casa412



Dagostino is the latest member of the horse family. He is already seven years old, but he never really had to work until now, in fact he didn’t really belong to anybody and so nobody really cared for him. “Dino” was very thin and in a rather pitiful state when Steffi decided to take him home. In the past 6 months the gelding started to flourish and was very happy with the new treatment and his new job as dressage horse. He is very skilled and likes to work, he new life suits him very well. I’m very keen to see Dino again next year, when he will be rounder, although he might never lose his Thoroughbred heritage 😉

160827_Dino067 160827_Dino112 160827_Dino131 160827_Dino181 160827_Dino210 160827_Dino241 160827_Dino268 160827_Dino271 160827_Dino283 160827_Dino289