Big portrait session with Nobody

Nobody is a Haflinger that runs successful in Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country. I saw him and his owner Annelie many times on bigger sport competitions. But sometimes you simply want some pictures, the show the friendship between horse and human. So she wished to have some portraits of her horse alone and with her. Since Nobody is a family horse, also the sister and mother asked to have some pictures with the horse, this is the beginning of the XXL portrait session with nobody 😉

I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful place to take photos. Annelie and her family had the great idea to shoot at the Mittelstetter Mühle in Schwabmünchen, Bavaria. This venue used to be a water mill and is now an attractive location for weddings and bigger festive activities. For our shooting we went into the garden, which is treated with so much love for the details. I felt like in a magazine shooting for rural gardening and housing 😉

We also took pictures in front of the house itself. I was in love with the wooden window shutters and the whole front. The various outfits of Annelie and her sister rounded the shooting off.

160829_Nobody0020 160829_Nobody0085 160829_Nobody0271 160829_Nobody0280 160829_Nobody0377 160829_Nobody0438 160829_Nobody0454 160829_Nobody0486 160829_Nobody0514 160829_Nobody0101 160829_Nobody0206 160829_Nobody0258 160829_Nobody0562 160829_Nobody0587 160829_Nobody0609 160829_Nobody0621 160829_Nobody0648 160829_Nobody0704 160829_Nobody0729 160829_Nobody0858 160829_Nobody0949 160829_Nobody0970 160829_Nobody1018 160829_Nobody1125 160829_Nobody1149 160829_Nobody1166 160829_Nobody1198