Cimarrones und Blättermagen

My next stop in Switzerland was in Basel. I have never been in this part of the country before, so I was happy to meet my friend Jennifer-Joanne and her Cimarron Martok there. Martok (Caligula CU Semperfi) is Rumo’s little brother and it was an upright pleasure to see them together. Although Martok is only 6 months old, he has already the same size and weight as Rumo with his almost 2 years. Well, this is it how it looks like when you have the smallest one and the biggest one 😉 I can’t wait to see Martok when he is full grown. I’m sure he will be an impressive Cimarron Uruguayo!

Jennifer-Joanne is a consult for raw dog food / BARF. You can imagine my dogs lived there like little kings 😉 She also runs and the BARFpedia. So if you ever need help or informations about raw feeding for dogs and cats, or you wish to support medical treatment with herbs and best food, you should consult her! I took some pictures of Jennifer-Joanne herself, so she has some media to share on her new websites and blog in the name of Blä She asked me to recreate her Facebook profile picture with Martok, also a documentation on her work on creating feeding plans, preparing food and collecting herbs from her garden.

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We had a beautiful boat tour in Basel, with our 3 dogs! If you wish to have a authentic tour with a traditional, wooden boat, you should visit! It’s amazing how much you can see of the city by boat! As you can see, Zim’s favorite place is always in front, he is a real skipper dog. But Rumo and Martok were also curious and had to visit the deck together 😉

160831_pratteln063 160831_pratteln098 160831_pratteln106 160831_pratteln114

And we went to the small river Ergolz. The dogs had fun playing there (especially my crazy Zim) and little Martok had his first ever swimming lessons. What else to do on a hot day?

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