Haflingergestüt Siblingen

My first stop in Switzerland led me directly to Siblingen in canton Schaffhausen, where my dear friend Iris lives. Together we travelled to many Haflinger events since 2006 and took pictures there. We founded www.vor-die-linse.de and admin www.das-haflingerforum.de together, twice we crossed the Alps by horse carriage from Switzerland 207 to Meran and then 2010 to Ebbs, so basically we share quite a photographic history together, so it was only natural that I had to stop over in Siblingen 😉

We took some pictures of the small Haflinger herd in the evening light, then we took single portraits of the mares Natschita, Oriella and Swenja. Oriella is for sale, so we took some nice portraits of her and Swenja is new and hadn’t been photographed much since. Natschita is Iris’ favorite mare, so we had to take a few portraits of her too 😉 And her gelding Mario should be on portraits with his horsewoman Tina. She rides and cares him for a couple of years now, but actually never had pictures of her with Mario.

The weather gods were good to us, not one single cloud blocked the soft evening light and we shooted until the sun was gone completely. I’m very happy about the outcome, because for nice portraits you never need so much effort: just soft light, an easy background as an apple tree or a barn and some flower to shoot through.

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