What would be a stay in Switzerland without visiting the mountains? What would be a Pixel Nomad without nomading and hiking around? 😉
I went to the Berner Alps to the Grimselpass to have a nice little hike with my dogs. I packed my stuff for a overnight stay in the mountain and started on 2100 meters to go up, higher to almost the top. I have to admit I am no mountaineer and I’m not used to heights anymore, since I live for several years on not even 100m altitude. The fresh and thin air felt like it was tearing my lungs apart with every step upwards and the weight of my backpack wasn’t helping. The dogs were running happy up and down, jumping on every boulder and looking down on me, these little rascals! The way up however was great, easy to find and with amazing views over the mountains. I could even see the Matterhorn and many other peaks I can’t name. On about 2500 meters we arranged our little camp and I saw, that Zim had issues with his paws. Probably too much action on stony ground during the last days. Instead of hike further, I decided to return back to the Grimselpass on the following day. It was a good decision and we had plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the sun 🙂

160903_grimselpass387 160903_grimselpass379 160903_grimselpass382 160903_grimselpass378 160903_grimselpass353 160903_grimselpass339 160903_grimselpass340 160903_grimselpass335 160903_grimselpass332 160903_grimselpass321 160903_grimselpass312 160903_grimselpass298 160903_grimselpass285 160903_grimselpass280 160904_grimselpass258 160904_grimselpass242 160904_grimselpass042 160904_grimselpass201 160904_grimselpass049 160904_grimselpass187 160904_grimselpass183 160904_grimselpass177 160904_grimselpass163 160904_grimselpass162 160904_grimselpass057 160904_grimselpass157 160904_grimselpass059 160904_grimselpass063 160904_grimselpass097 160904_grimselpass105 160904_grimselpass128