Provence Sous-marin

I met my family in southern France to take some days off. But which photographer would go on holidays without taking pictures? Exactly, I wouldn’t be called The Pixel Nomad, if I wouldn’t search for Pixels at the end of the world 😉

I took some time to hike with my dogs next to the coast and take baths in smaller bays. The Mediterranean sea is so clear on these beaches, that for once I could take some under water pictures again. Unfortunately I can’t show the family pictures and the playing kids on the internet, but here are some impressions of my dogs. I don’t have a professional underwater gear, since it is extremely expensive and I use it so rarely. But I’m happy with my underwater camera equipment. It is fun to explore and experiment with the best underwater settings and do some photographic impressionism. I especially liked the sunlight breaking through the water and the colors… it is rare to be able to take pictures under water in a natural waters and not a pool, so what a joy if it’s not an ice cold mountain river but the warm Côte d’Azur!

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