Cantico’s Charmings Guinea Pigs

What comes after horses, dogs and cats? Of course guinea pigs! My dear friend Barbara (see Pferdezucht Cantico in the photo studio and Cantico’s Charming Thai Cats) also breeds lovely rabbits and guinea pigs. I had a very enjoyable afternoon in the garden, crawling into the enclosures and taking portraits of these cute little animals. I love guinea pigs, I owned many as a kid, and I think they are not only adorable, but also very entertaining to observe them. My dogs also enjoyed piggy TV, although they had to stay outside 😉 😀

Visit the website and if you are looking for one or more guinea pigs or rabbits, they always have some to sell:


Rabbit TV
Rumo: 😍 🐰 🌈
Zim: 😳 🍖 🍴