Dressurhaflinger Latina & Malana

I am always happy to meet new Haflinger, but to have the mare Latina in a photo shooting, was a wonderful treat for me. Latina S is one of the most successful dressage Haflinger in Austria. It was great to pictures this high ranked mare, as this kind of success is (unfortunately) still very special for Haflinger. Also the younger mare Malana showed of her great potential and strong expression in the portraits.

We met on a really hot day and actually at the worst time of the day: around lunch, when the sun was strongest and the shadows the hardest. Also, just a few hours before in the morning, the field the girls chose for our shooting was harvested! Well, sometimes there are changes in plan and you have to work with it. Of course the horsey motivation for portraits wasn’t that high, Malana and Latina did prefer the running parts much more 😉 Everybody did a great job despite the heat and the length of the shooting.

I hope to see them again one day, maybe on a bigger championship or for another shooting.