Haflinger Portraits with Gambrina, Apeiron & Galana

I was very happy to finally meet Sandra and her Haflinger. We wanted to make a photo shooting already earlier, but the weather was always bad on the available dates. On my way back to Germany I had a free time gap and Sandra too, in addition the sun was also shining, so we managed to finally come together. Sandra has a Haflinger mare called Gambrina, which she shows very successful in dressage in Austria. Gambrina had a filly in 2016 sired by Wonderful (see the pictures of our shooting) called Galana, and there is also the 4 year old gelding Apeiron and the Pony Holly. We took many portraits different situations: studio like portraits on black, pictures in the landscape and group pictures. We were blessed by the soft evening light, the natural backgrounds and first autumn leaves and flowers. As always with big photo shootings, the time passes too fast and in the evening I had to depart. I hope to meet Gambrina & Co another time again 🙂



And the best at the end: two pictures of this shooting even made it into my Haflinger calendar 2017!