Free work with Sunny & Selina

I know Selina and her Haflinger Sunny for quite some time now through Das Haflinger Forum, but we never met until now. Selina needed some “proper” pictures of her work with Sunny for her new website. She gives lessons and if you are interested, she teaches in and around Munich (have a look at her website and social media channels).

We wanted to picture all the different tricks Sunny knows, plus some portraits of the two together and of course of Sunny alone. We met super early in the morning, before the sunrise! Because we wanted to use the soft morning light and colours — nothing beats the Herbst-Morgenröte! So we left the stables in the dark and arrived in a really idyllic place to take the pictures. Here are the results! I love them 🙂

And yes, Sunny is completely free and stayed with us without any fences.