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03.2019 Explorer Tour: Wild Horses

Destination: Berlin & Brandenburg, Germany

Travel dates: 08.-10.03.2019 — 3 days (NEW DATE)

Pickup: München, Leipzig or any city in-between close to the highway (Autobahn A9)

Spot available: BOOKED

Topic: Let’s explore wild and free living horses. We will visit different projects with free living Konik, Przewalski, Exmoor and Tarpan horses. The horses live free and (semi) wild on vast areas without fences and in different natural habitats. It is a perfect opportunity to observe and document equine behaviour and how the herds live in winter. We will have 6 appointments in 3 days and try to spend half a day in each project.

Photo equipment: The horses live in wide areas and in many projects we can observe more wildlife. I recommend lenses with 200mm or even more. It also can happen that the herds are curious and close, so a flexible zoom would be a good choice.

Outfit and tack: It is march and we will spend much time outdoor. So prepare for cold weather, maybe even rain. Important is to bring good shoes because we will hike to each herd and some live in damp marshlands. I recommend bringing at least two pairs of boots (so one could dry) and the double amount of dry socks 😉