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07.2019 Explorer Tour: Almsommer in Tyrol

Destination: Tyrol, Austria

Travel dates: 20.-21. July 2019

Pickup: München, Innsbruck

Spot available: BOOKED!

Price: on request

  • incl. travel expenses (München > different spots in Tyrol > München, ca. 600 km)
  • incl. accommodation for 1 or 2 nights
  • incl. snacks and drinks
  • excl. meals

Topic: In June and July the “Almsommer” starts in the higher pastures of the alps. I will travel several weekends and will visit different alps in South Tyrol and Tyrol. The travel dates depend on the weather conditions. Pack your hiking boots and be prepared to hike up some pastures. Usually we will spend half a day on one pasture and so we will have 2 appointments a day. I will make sure we can have at least one early morning and one late night shoot so we can capture the best light. In between we will visit different breeders and will get the chance to take more pictures there.

Photo equipment: Each high pasture is a little different and with your standard 70-200mm lens you can’t do nothing wrong. I however do recommend also at least one wide-angle lens with e.g. 35mm or 24mm or even less, so you can capture the wonderful panorama of the mountains. I have good experiences with my 24-105mm lens for such trips. Don’t forget a lot of free space on your flash cards, you will take hundreds and thousands of pictures on one weekend.

Outfit and tack: It can be very cold depending how high we will go up in the mountains and it is very common to have fast weather. In the shade, mornings or evenings it can be very chilly, even if it is a hot summer day. Mist or rain can come up very fast and unexpected. So please pack also jackets and maybe a scarf. We will hike up a lot, so proper hiking boots are a must. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat, we will be closer to the sun 🙂