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Exmoor Pony


Exmoor Pony

Status: Endangered (300-500 in UK, 2000 global).
Listed by the RBST, GEH and Livestock Conservacy.

The Exmoor Pony is one of the oldest Pony breeds in the world and unfortunately has been given the status “endangered” and “threatened” by different conservations. I was shocked to learn that only around 2000 Exmoor Ponies exist anymore and that most of the population live as semi wild herds to contribute pasture management, also in Germany. Those who own Exmoors in private say, that due their small size only few adults consider buying them and for children they are often too clever. But those however who own an Exmoor love them for their strong instincts, cleverness and sure-footedness.

Status: Endangered (300-500 in UK, 2000 global)

The Exmoor pony is a rare native breed recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust and is listed in their Watchlist under Category 2, Endangered.

[In UK] There are approximately 500 breeding mares and 100 licensed, registered stallions in any given period of 5 years producing between 100-150 foals per year.

Foals are bred into the free-living herds on Exmoor – the home of the Exmoor pony – and also in in-ground and free-living situations throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

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Here are some places where you can see Exmoor Ponies and where you can support the breed, and a thank you to everybody who works with me.

United Kingdom
  • Exmoor National Park