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Leutstettener / Sárvár


Leutstettener / Sárvár

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Critical (less than 50)
Listed by DAD-IS, GEH

The Leutstettener horse is a light riding horse with Hungarian roots in the Furioso-North Star and Nonius lines. It is also known as Sárvár horse, after WW2 the stud needed to be evacuated to Bavaria and the horses adapted the name to their new home: the Leutstetten stud. Under the protection of the Bavarian prince the population was able to survive. In 1995 the total population in Germany and Hungary counted 300 horses. The Leutstetten stud was disbanded in 2004 and now only a few passionates work hard to conserve the breed with less than 50 horses worldwide. The Leutstettener is critically endangered.

Status: Critical (30 in Germany, less than 50 global)


Here are some places where you can see Leutstettener horses in action and where you can support the breed. A big thank you to everybody who works with me.