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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Critical (less than 80)
Listed by DAD-IS, GEH

The Rottaler horse is one of the oldest warmblood breeds in Germany, dating back to the Middle Ages. They can be of heavy warmblood type, but also of a lighter type, since they were universally used by the farmers for riding, driving or even field work. In the 1960s the Rottaler breed got absorbed by the modern sportive warmblood breeding and the „R“ was changed into a „B“, for Bavarian warmblood. Only 1994 a small group revitalised the breed with only 22 horses left and reintroduced the studbook. Rottaler are bred by the mare line and nowadays the population counts 80 horses. The breed is critically endangered and struggles to survive.

Status: Critical (less than 80 total)


Here are some places where you can see Rottaler horses in action and where you can support the breed. A big thank you to everybody who works with me.