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Suffolk Punch


Suffolk Punch

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Critical (fewer than 300)
Listed by DAD-IS, RBST

The Suffolk Punch is the oldest English breed of working horse. The chestnut coloured heavy horses were used as farm horses, pour pulling carts and ploughing the fields. The isolated location of East Anglia created a very homogenic type of horse and they are one of the few draft horse breeds which have no feathered legs. The Suffolk Punch found its way to North America and even Australia with the settlers of the 19th century. Nowadays these wonderful chestnut giants are critically endangered, but luckily many passionately fight for these horses.

Status: Critical (fewer than 300 total)


Here are some places where you can see Suffolk horses in action and where you can support the breed. A big thank you to everybody who works with me.

United Kingdom