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09.2019 Explorer Tour: Former Austria’s Forgotten Horses

Travel dates: 12.9.-18.9.2019

Destination: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary

Pickup: tbd.

Spot available: BOOKED

Priceon request, calculated individually

  • incl. travel expenses
  • incl. accommodation during tour
  • incl. snacks and drinks
  • excl. meals

Topic: Let’s explore Forgotten Horse breeds of Former Austria, meaning the former royal-emperial Austria-Hungary monarchy. The Dual-monarchy produced very fine horse breeds which survived the fall of the empire and still exist today — yet they are almost forgotten and at risk! Royal show horses such as Lipizzan and Kladruber horses, as well as cavalry breeds which influenced the modern warmblood breeds like Furioso-North Star, Gidran, Przedswit and Nonius, Shagya-Arabians, draft horses and mountain ponies are on our list. We will trace down different rare breeds in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary and have photo sessions on national studs as well as with private persons.

Photo equipment: We will have mainly staged photo sessions with portraits, running free herds and ridden or driven sessions. You can’t do nothing wrong with your standard 70-200 mm Iens, but I strongly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take the opportunity to try out new lenses. To include landscapes, a 35 mm is a good choice, and to be more flexible a 24-105 mm or similar zoom is a great alternative.

Outfit and tack: It is late summer and we will spend much time outdoor. So prepare for hot weather and strong sun, but maybe rain, since we change climates and landscapes fast. Important is to bring good shoes because we will walk a lot to free roaming horses and herds. I recommend bringing a hat and sunscreen to protect from the sun. Don’t forget to bring some beach wear 😉

Fitness: Tours including hiking require a basic level of fitness or at least you should be determined to reach the destination (at your pace 😉 ). I’m also a slow hiker compared to the mountain folk, but I have a strong will to grow beyond my limits. (the photos will be worth it and after a few days you will forget the pain).

Weather: We will take pictures in any weather, except in thunder storms. Weather in the mountains can be extreme and slightly unpredictable, but safety is more important than being struck by lightning for a horse photo. Worst case, the sessions on exposed areas must be cancelled.

Social: The Explorer Tour is very intense and we will spend much time together. For this reason I reserve the right to pick the best candidate for a tour, to ensure we will get along well. My two dogs travel with us and it is important that you are not afraid nor allergic of dogs.


Your Equine Photography Adventure starts here

Join me on one of my scouting tours and discover new horses and new locations with me. During my micro photo tours I’m on the constant search for new exciting models and breathtaking backgrounds. therefore I’m travelling for a weekend or a few days in Germany or in the neighbour countries and schedule photo sessions: from the vast beaches of the North Sea to the panoramic summits of the Alps, in forests and fields, in castles and barns.

Each Explorer Tour is unique! And each tour is a micro adventure. Discover rare equine breeds, free horses, golden Haflingers and other horse beauties with me.

  • Weekend or extended weekend tour
  • Around 2-4 photo sessions a day
  • Personal coaching in your field of interest (optional)
  • Only one (or max. 2) spots available

Exciting and intense

The explorer tour is no wellness holiday 😉 depending on the distances I will organise 2 to 4 photo sessions a day. This can be exhausting and we will also spend a lot of time on the road. We will meet horses who have never had a shooting before and are unknown to the community. At the same time I also enjoy meeting experienced horse models which are a dream to work with. Each Explorer Tour is unique, individual and a small adventure.


Perform photography on a new level

How to handle unexperienced horses? How to check out the location and search for the best spots? How to instruct the owner and helpers for the best poses? How to work flexible and spontaneous in a short amount of time? How to tickle the best out of a situation? How to process the photos a whole session in Adobe Bridge and Lightroom? How to tackle hard-to-edit pictures in Photoshop? How to manage and secure all the data?

I can teach you in a broad field of techniques and efficient workflows or guide you through your photographic problems.

No teacher-student situation wanted? Don't worry, we can also meet at eye level and inspire each other by sharing our photographic secrets and enjoy the tour.


Upcoming Explorer Tours

Have a look at my plans and don't hesitate to contact and book. I usually have only one spot available!

Do you want to see photos of past Explorer Tours on Instagram? Have a look at #explorer_tour and see the results of the other photographers who joined me for a tour.

  • Snoozing Camargue horse. This breed is one of the most popular to photograph, spectacular shots of herds running on the beach and fighting stallions. But  this is the reality of the Camargue horse ❤️😅 almost unviable in the marsh, which is their home, shelter and food at the same time. 📸 photo by @thepixelnomad .

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  • Paint it black! 🖤 photographing jet black Mérens horses on black background with only soft winter light was definitely one of many challenges on my last Explorer Tour. But photographing black Mérens horses in the white winter landscape wasn’t easier 😅🤣
I made it to my tradition to photograph each rare breed for Forgotten Horses in black background, to bring in some continuity into the project with so many different horses, distributed over time and space. But not always we can shoot in a barn, so I mount my black background on my van or in the field. Especially when working with wildlings or horses living outdoors summer and winter, there aren’t many possibilities. .
The Mérens mares got big eyes when they saw the black fabric hanging in the middle of their home, and the big shiny eyes were more or less the only reflection in this blackness 😅😎 but even their long thick winter coat made some reflections and were enough to make these black photos, in the middle of the french Pyrenees. .
What do you think? Have you ever done black in black photos? .

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  • Born in freedom: Newborn Sorraia horse, one of the most beautiful sights! ❤️ and one of my highlights of photographing Free Horses. 📸 @thepixelnomad .

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  • Mérens horse in the french Pyrenees. This breed is native to the central Pyrenees and always pitch black. They also live in the mountains during the winter, thanks to their long thick coat and ability to find food under the snow. Photographic wise no easy task to capture these black fur balls in the white 😅
📸 @thepixelnomad .

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  • A simple portrait of a true beauty. PRE stallion Tuareg PM in the rare colour Perlino (new English name is Buckskin Pearl). When we asked to to photograph the horse in the shade although we had a sunny day everybody was first confused. Now I als most like the photos in high key more than the regular ones. What do you think? .
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  • One of my absolute favourites and a photo session of a lifetime. But what is the story of Karl and Libelle in the mountain lake?
It all started exactly one year ago when I was official photographer at the mare inspection of the south tyrolean studbook. I met them in the ring and I always wanted to photograph a blue roan Noriker. As a matter of fact, I asked Karl for his phone number 😅😂😂 because he’s not on social media neither has an email address 🤣 I’m not sure what he thought of me crazy woman with a camera that day. .
Only a few months later I was in South Tyrol on Explorer Tour. The weather on this weekend was the worst and almost all plans I made for mountain sessions needed to be cancelled due to thunder storms. I ran out of options for alternatives... so I remembered Karl and actually called him. The next day we drove to his farm and had a first portrait session at the house. But I wanted to go to this lake at the end of The Valley, so we went there with the mare Libelle in the trailer. We couldn’t go to the spot we Planned, because an avalanche of mud and stone blocked the street, created by the weather 😅 so we unloaded Libelle in a touristic place and went to the lake nevertheless. .
No need to say more. It was awesome! 😍 
Libelle has a foal this year and I can’t wait to be allowed to travel again, for new pictures of this beauty. 
#thepixelnomad #explorer_tour
  • Sorraia mare and new born foal, just born. I was incredibly lucky to witness this. Sorraia horses are critically endangered, every new born is a blessing. 📸 @thepixelnomad .

#thepixelnomad  #explore_freehorses  #equineexplorers #horsephotography #pferdefotografie #wildlife #wildphotography #natureisbeautiful #cheval #caballo #wildhorses #wildhorse #wildpferd #freehorses #horseadventures #wilderness #biodiversity #equinephoto #roamtheworld #pferdeliebe #paardenfotografie #raw_horses #wildhorsepc #pferdepost_123 @explore_freehorses @equine.explorers #explore_forgottenhorses #explorer_tour #rarebreed #endangered #sorraia #sorraiahorse
  • Meet Galicia’s wild horses! In the northern Spanish province it is tradition to keep feral and semi feral horses in the mountains and only round them up once a year. Here I visited the herds in Monte Faro, where i photographed this band stallion. 
Did you know there are wild horses in Spain? 📸 photo @thepixelnomad .

#thepixelnomad  #explore_freehorses  #equineexplorers #horsephotography #pferdefotografie #wildlife #wildphotography #natureisbeautiful #cheval #caballo #wildhorses #wildhorse #wildpferd #freehorses #horseadventures #wilderness #biodiversity #equinephoto #roamtheworld #pferdeliebe #paardenfotografie #raw_horses #wildhorsepc #pferdepost_123 @explore_freehorses @equine.explorers #galicia #galicia_enamora #cabalogalego #galego @asociacioncabalogalego
  • Hi everybody! I haven’t done a before / after for a while! So here you go, a beautiful portrait of the Latvian stallion Grindeks! He was super expressive with his golden coat and beautiful head, but in this picture I didn’t like the open mouth. And since I like to keep the reigns when I take photos with a curb and bridle, I needed to replace the parts with the hand. Swipe right >>>>>>> to see my process:
1— picture comes out of cam
2— Lightroom edit: I adjust the colours, the black tones and use the mask brush for some dodge and burn. Actually I mostly added highlights, since he was already very shiny that day. For the colours I use my own preset “golden boy in turquoise sky” 😅😎 which basically works for all chestnut horses in front of a blue sky. 
3— with Photoshop I first removed the additional lead, than the hand. I use the content aware fill. To rebuild the reigns I used mostly the stamp tool, same for the background. In general i use a mix of stamp tool, repair brush and content aware fill. For the mouth I did copy & paste of a different picture with similar pose. Really easy! 
I hope you liked it! Any questions?
The picture was made during my first Explorer Tour in 2018 with the topic of Russian and Eastern European horses ❤️

Each Explorer Tour is highly individual and I don't intend to repeat identical tours. Compared to a planned and scheduled Photo Expedition, we will be confronted with the unexpected and some Explorer Tours can be surprising. This is why the Explorer Tours have reasonable prices and are mainly calculated to cover the costs. Please contact me for price and detail of a tour.

Application. Explorer Tours are very intense and we will spend much time together. For this reason I reserve the right to pick the best candidate for a tour, to ensure we will get along well. 

Dates. Most tours are published on short notice because they are dependent on weather conditions and on my schedule. I generally don’t publish any schedules because details are subjects to change until the travel date. You may always contact me for my unpublished travel plans.

Dogs. My two dogs travel with us and it is important that you are not afraid nor allergic of dogs.

Fitness. Tours including hiking require a basic level of fitness or at least a determination to grow beyond your limits.

Private Usage. All Photos can be used for your portfolio, your website, social media accounts and your private usage. For the owners and models you need to send 3 edited photos per session not later than 6 months after our tour.

Commercial Usage. Commercial use is possible, if you send 10 photos per session not later than 3 months after our tour, or at least before the intended commercial usage.

Locations. You may publish the locations of our sessions on your social media channels with the location tag or with a hashtag. But never forward the details of the tour, the exact locations, contacts to owners or schedule to anybody else, also if you are asked about. Everybody should do their own research.

Publishing. Please use the hashtag #explorer_tour and „Picture made during the Explorer Tour with @thepixelnomad“ (or something similar) when publishing the photos.

Experience. You should have a basic experience in photography and know your camera. Coaching is an optional offer for specific horse photography related topics, but the Explorer Tour is no ideal condition to teach you the basics of photography.

Idea. The Explorer Tour is mostly a scouting tour or connected to my free projects. The  concept of the tour is to share the experiences and locations with other photographers, connect and inspire and to cover the costs of such a trip.


  • Each tour has an individual price, contact me before the tour
  • Don't be allergic or afraid of dogs
  • Basic level of fitness for tours with hiking
  • Explorer Tours are very intense and have a tough schedule
  • No regular booking: Please apply to the tour and let's have a chat to find out, if we will get along well
  • The Pixel trade: offer me your goods or service with equal value and we can have a deal.


  • Unique photo models and locations
  • 2-4 photo sessions per day
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Pick-up from station or airport
  • Transport and travel costs during tour
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Discussions & inspiration
  • General performance and instructions

Additional costs

  • Individual coaching within your personal need and interest (optional)
  • Food and meals
  • Arrival / travel expenses to pick-up
  • Fitting gear and tack, depending on the tour topic
  • Your camera equipment


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