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Takhi / Przewalski horse


Takhi / Przewalski

Risk Level: Endangered on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
The only true wild horse left

The only one true wild (never domesticated) equine in the world today is the equus ferus Przewalski horse, also known by its indigenous name Takhi (Mongolian), Je-ma/Yěmǎ (Chinese), Asian wild horse or Mongolian wild horse. Although the genetic base relies only on 27 specimen that were kept in Zoos, the Takhi nowadays repopulates the steppes in Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. Modern studies show that the Takhi might be descendants of the Botai horses returned to the wild 5000 years ago.

With great success the horses got reintroduced into the wild and many more rewildering projects continue a great work. Also projects in Europe start to prepare the horses, by  introducing them into vaster areas and grazing projects.

I was lucky to visit the Sielmann Stiftung Döberitzer Heide, which offers the largest and wildest area to European wildlife and of course Takhi horses.

The Equus ferus, Przewalski’s Horse, is listed on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species on a global scope. The status shifted from “Extinct in the wild” to “endangered” and the population trend is increasing.


Here are some places where you can see Takhi / Przewalski horses roaming free or in action and where you can support the breed. A big thank you to everybody who works with me.