Explorer Days: Scotland's Islands & native horses September 2021, adventurous horse photo workshop on the /Western Isles for equine photographers by the Pixel Nomad

Explorer Days September 2021

Scotland’s Islands & native horses

Would you like to explore the beauty of the Outer Hebrides, experience authentic horse photography and native horses? These Explorer Days combine photography and ponies in theory and practical lessons.

Explore Scotland's Western Isles & native horses

The Outer Hebrides are home to one of the rarest horse breeds: the critically endangered Eriskay Pony. This iconic white horses can be found free roaming on the beautiful island of Eriskay, as well as on neighbouring islands. In addition we will have encounters with wild Shetland Ponies and have staged sessions with local horses on beaches, by lochs and in picturesque heather fields on Uist.

Join the adventure

These Explorer Days offer a 3 day bootcamp with home base in Uist. It will be part of my Photo Expedition: Hebridean Tour and open for very few photographers, who would like to experience horse photography on the Western Isles for an extended weekend. This bootcamp offers sessions with local horses, with special emphasis on rare and endangered horses and free living horses. The choice of sessions, locations and breeds allows for a wide variety and experience.

Theoretical input for efficient editing

A specific topic of this bootcamp will be photographing and retouching photo halters and leashes. I will give  theoretic sessions with live retouching and workflow introduction in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Explorer Days are a great opportunity for all photographers to have fun and meet new people and of course take wonderful pictures. Even professionals and advanced photographers will find what they are looking for.
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Impressions of the locations and models
Beautiful horses and great landscapes await us. Here is a selection of my photos, which I took on site and of some models.
The best of equines &
breathtaking locations

Explorer Day

Join me and fellow photographers for a unique one or two horse photo day. I will arrange photo locations and models and we will photograph them as a group. Some Explorer Days are bootcamps and we will spend the day morning to evening in one location photographing and editing. And some Explorer Days have several locations in a certain area, so we can capture a wide spectrum of sceneries.

The Explorer Days are pretty unique photo days and cover a large variety of sceneries, topics and models and give you a perfect opportunity to build a large portfolio.

Exciting and intense

What to expect

The Explorer Day is no wellness day 😉 depending on the theme and locations I will organise 2 to 4 photo sessions a day. This can be exhausting and we might also spend some time on the road. The small group size ensures that everybody gets a good spot for photographing and best views on the landscape. Each Explorer Day is unique, individual and a small adventure.

Horses & Landscapes

What you can gain

The goal of the Explorer Day is that you will make a rich portfolio during these 1-2 day bootcamps. My focus lies on wonderful landscapes and experienced horse models, so you can get the maximum of photos. In fact, an Explorer Day is just the 1-day experience of an Explorer Tour or Expedition. I have inspected all locations in accordance to the perfect daylight and met with all models before, to ensure the best session experience with you.

Join me on my adventures

Upcoming Explorer Dates

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Do you want to experience the adventures of a photo tour just in one day? The Explorer Days are just perfect for you!


I was fortunate to be accompanied by these amazing photographers. Here’s what they say.