Annual Photo Awards APA 2020

Honorable Mention at APA 2020 Photo Awards for “Equine Explorer” and “Poésie”

Honorable Mention at APA 2020

I am pleased to announce that my “Equine Explorer” series is being exhibited at the APA Photo Awards. Submitted in the Wildlife category, these are the only equine images that made it into the judges’ selection, along with many strong images of wildlife observations.

Equine Explorer

As a passionate traveller, one of his favourite subjects is to show local horses in their natural environment. My motivation is to photograph rare and endangered equines in their native country in an artistic way. For this purpose for instance I hike up remote mountains in the Alps to observe free roaming herds, or I make photo appointments at iconic locations.


The horses shown are Haflingers in South Tyrol (Italy), Eriskay Pony on Eriskay (Scotland), Noriker in South Tyrol (Italy), Sorraia mare with foal in Portugal, Breton in Brittany (France), Faroese horses on the Faroe Islands, Cob Normand in France, Konik in Germany.

Check out my entry at on the APA 2020 website.


My second entry is this image titled “Poésie” which also made it to the jury’s shortlist, which I am very happy about. It is one of my personal favourites of the Haflinger mare Indyana, which I photographed in the Netherlands in 2018.
Horse pictures don’t have it particularly easy at photo awards, but when they do, fiery baroque horses, elegant sport horses or wild mustangs usually make it into the galleries. I am all the more pleased to be able to score points with a “fat Haflinger” of all things 😝 


Unconventional and not perfect, this portrait is radiating calmness and a certain poetry. The model is Haflinger mare Indyana with her infinitely long blond mane in the wind.


Check out my entry at on the APA 2020 website.

APA 2020 Photo Awards: Poésie

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APA 2020 Photo Awards: Equine Explorer
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Publication in Der Kutschbock 01/2021

Publication in “Der Kutschbock” 1/2021

A new publication about my project “Forgotten Horses” in the magazine “Der Kutschbock” 1/2021.
The article portrays the breeds Poitevin Mulassier, Altwürttemberger and Faroese Horse.


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