Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: unknown
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The Arab-Barb is a breed of saddle horse native to the Maghreb. Resulting from the crossing between the Arab and the Barb, it has a common genetic origin with the latter. The breed was created at the end of the 19th century, under the influence of the French, and then perpetuated locally by itself. The first Arab-Barb stud-book was created in Algeria in 1948.

Of medium size and square, the Arabian-Berber has the typical morphology of a saddle horse adapted to speed, with a large chest circumference. Used in particular for fantasias, it is also used for agricultural traction work in the rural areas of the Maghreb, although this mainly concerns horses of predominantly Berber origins.

In 1948, Algeria was the first to establish the stud book of the breed Arabian-Berber. Now, Arabian-Berber had not only become farm animals of the first generation, but the selected, largely homogeneous breed, which has been preserved until today in the coastal areas.

Other names: Arab-Barb — Arab-Berber — Arabian-Barb — Araber-Berber — Arabe-Barbe — حصان عربي بربري

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