Golden Horses


Golden Horses

Haflinger horses are one of the most popular horse breeds and found their way on all continents of this world. With their typical golden chestnut coat and blonde hair, these little horses are not only beautiful but also polyvalent talents and master all kinds of equestrian sports or leisure activities. I want to present Haflinger in a way, they aren't presented in written literature. Most Haflinger documentations only feature blond horses on pastures, eating and becoming fat. Of course I also capture the beauty and grace in their natural environment. But when it comes to Haflinger, there is so much more than that. Since 2005 I'm actively photographing Haflinger horses from sea to summit.

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Haflinger Show & Equestrian

Haflinger horses are one of the most versatile horse breeds of the world. They perform in dressage, show jumping, eventing, western, driving, traditional field work, therapy, show, leisure, education and so much more. I want to show this.

Haflinger stories from Sea to Summit

For many years I travel around Europe and collect the stories of Haflingers, of free living herds and show talents, from Italy to Denmark, from sea to summit.

Stud farms & stallions

I have visited historic places, big and small studs and photographed famous stallion and mares. I combination with the information of the Haflinger Forum, my photos build the biggest Haflinger database and collection.

Haflinger Fine Art

I want to transform simple Haflinger horses into pieces of art, that everybody can decorate their walls with.