Equestrian & Coaching

Equestrian and Show photography

🇬🇧 I will take pictures of your event, as equestrian competitions, horse shows or accompany you to your competition and make a personal documentation. Please have a look on www.vor-die-linse.de for details.

🇩🇪 Ich komme auf euer Turnier, Ausstellung oder anderen Pferdeveranstaltung und mache eine Dokumentation. Lies auf www.vor-die-linse.de für weitere Details.


🇬🇧 I can sponsor your event with  photo vouchers for winners and placed participants. The coupons can be vouchers for photo orders on www.vor-die-linse.de or for photo sessions.

🇩🇪 Pferdeveranstaltungen auf denen ich fotografiere biete ich Gutscheine für Fotokäufe auf www.vor-die-linse.de  oder für Fotoshootings.


Photo documentation

🇬🇧 It doesn’t need to be horses or dogs. I can make photographic documentations of every aspect of live. Do you need new pictures of your business for facebook/homepage? Your little restaurant or cafe? Your barber shop and employees? A family reunion? Your guinea pigs? Your stamp collection? Your dancing class? You and your new bike?

No worries, I’m pleased to picture any casual situation or crazy hobby of yours. Contact me!


Photo coaching & workshops

🇬🇧  Photography and taking pictures is a life long process. You can always learn and always be taught. In my opinion Photography has four pillars:

  1. Technical understanding and execution 
  2. Artistic sense (having a good eye) and formally aesthetically execution
  3. Concept, imagination and production
  4. Luck

I can’t train you being more lucky, but I can coach you in any other of these points, since photography is to certain point a craftsmanship.

I do photographic workshops for small groups e.g. clubs, communities, or personal coaching. Each workshop has a theoretical and practical part, including handout. Personal coaching includes direct hands-on photography and photo walking. Prices range around 150 – 240 € for full-day or two-day workshops per participant.

  • workshop or coaching for dog photography
  • workshop or coaching for horse photography
  • workshop or coaching for studio photography
  • workshops or coaching picture editing and management with Lightroom and Photoshop
  • coaching in photography in general (technical aspects, getting started with the own camera, ..)