Photo shooting

Fine Art Photo Session

Fine Art photo sessions create poetic memories and turn your horse into an artwork. I also offer advertising photography for stallions and studs.

Fine Art Photosession and Advertising Photography
Poetic horse photography

Fine Art Photo Session

Only two things can capture time: memory and art. A fine art photo shoot is the perfect combination of both. Create poetic memories and turn your horse into a piece of art. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in front of the camera, or if you are an experienced photo model. One thing is certain: I will create artistic photos, you never had before.

For stallions and studs

Advertising photos​

Stallions and studs need the highest image quality and attractive photos for advertising. I love to take portraits and confirmations shots of stallions or stud horses and bring them into the best light. With working, equestrian or free running photos, we will show your equines in action.

Fine Art Photo Session and Advertising Photography
Fine Art Photo Session and Advertising Photography
international bookings

Book me on a tour

I love to travel and I love to explore new places. I will plan my tour route after my bookings. It doesn’t matter where you live, because most time in the year I am everywhere and anywhere. If you want me to photograph your horses, we will make this work. I will tailor a photo tour around your booking.

book one — get many

Become a photo model

I’m always looking for new horses to model during my photographic Explorer Events. For Explorer Days and Expeditions I only work with horses and people I have met before. By booking me for a photo session now, I will get back to you for my other projects later. And the best thing: if you perform as model in my events, you get photos of different photographers and don’t need to pay for it.

Maria and Adina on the photo booked me once and later became part of my Explorer Day and Equine Expedition.

Fine Art Photo Session and Advertising Photography
Need some inspiration?

My artistic photography can be as diverse and colourful as your horses. I have a large spectrum of styles and topics how to turn a horse into a piece of art.


So that you can remember our photo shooting for a long time, I would like to make this experience especially memorable. It is important to me that you feel comfortable and that we can realize your ideas and wishes. Every photo shooting is a unique experience, which we will share together.

All fine art sessions or advertising photography include an individual planning, an online gallery for image selection, an online fine art print gallery, a lifelong backup of all images as well as private / commercial right of use without time and space restrictions.

Prices from 250€ plus 19% VAT and travel.
Contact me for a personal offer.

Fine Art Session

249 €

Plus 19% VAT

Advertising Session

349 €

Plus 19% VAT

Fine Art Session —
10 Photos and Prints

499 €

Plus 19% VAT

Additional photo

+ 25 €

Plus 19% VAT

All photos of the session

+ 399 €

Plus 19% VAT

Optional services

on request

Book your session now!

Drop me a line and describe your ideas and wishes for a fine art session or advertising photography with me.

elegant and minimalistic

My photo bridle and halter

For elegant portraits I like to use my photo bridle, which was made after my design. This minimal bridle emphasizes the elegance of a horse and decorates the head in a simple way. For pictures in nature and to let the horse stand freely, I also use my photo halter, which can be removed very easily in the image editing.

Elegance that fits all heads

Photographer’s bridle

The photo bridle is made of fine quality leather with strong connections and holds securely on every horse’s head, because it is adjustable from Minishetty to XXL draft horse. The photo bridle is available in two versions: Black leather with black fittings in combination with a black bit, or brown leather with brass fittings and a brass bit. My photographer’s bridle is classic and timeless, for photos that should outlive every fashion trend.

For pure and free photos

Photographer’s halter

The photographer’s halter is a special halter that can be retouched quickly and easily during image editing. This gives the possibility to photograph the horse safely in nature or in busy places and to have it “standing freely” in the picture later. With my photographer’s halter it is also possible to lunge horses for action photos. The photographer’s halter fits all horses from minishetty to cold-blood, as well as horses or foals that cannot wear a bridle.

Equine Outfits

Give your horse an outfit

These headpieces, halters and bits can be used in my photo sessions. It allows you to change into a new role, if you would like a baroque, western, fantasy or classic outfit for your horse, or simply do an outfit change for a different picture style. The bits and jewellery can be combined with all bridles. 


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