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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: unkown
Listed by DAD-IS
Mountain horse breed from the Carparthes

Informations about the rare Hucul

The Hucul or Hutsul horse is a small mountain breed native to the Carpathian Mountains, particularly in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland. Known for its endurance and ability to navigate rough terrain, the Hucul has been a vital part of the mountainous regions’ culture and economy, traditionally used for transportation, agriculture, and forestry work. Their compact size and hardy nature make them well-suited to the harsh conditions of their native habitat.

Origin and history of the Hucul

The Hucul horse’s history is deeply rooted in the Carpathian Mountains, spanning regions of Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia. Its origins can be traced back to the primitive forest horse, and through centuries of natural selection and selective breeding, the Hucul evolved into a distinct and hardy breed. The first mentions trace back to the 15th century, when influences from Mongolian horses brought by invading Tatars. Named after the Hutsul people of the Carpathians, these horses have been selectively bred for centuries to adapt to the difficult mountainous life, resulting in a breed known for its robust health, longevity, and gentle temperament.

Character and features of the Hucul

Characterized by a compact and sturdy build, the Hucul horse typically stands between 127-145 cm high. Its physique reflects a harmonious combination of strength and agility, with a well-defined head, expressive eyes, and a thick, often dark mane and tail. The breed exhibits various coat colors, including dun, bay, and gray. Notable for their sure-footedness, Huculs thrive in mountainous terrains and adverse weather conditions. They are known for their calm and willing nature, making them excellent for riding, especially for beginners and children. 

Utilisation of the rare Hucul

Traditionally, Huculs have been used for light draft and pack work in their mountainous homeland, capable of carrying heavy loads over difficult terrain. Today, they are also popular for leisure riding, therapeutic riding programs, and as a breed for preserving biodiversity in mountain ecosystems.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Hucul

The Hucul horse is considered endangered, with population estimates varying but generally considered to be around 5,000 individuals. Conservation efforts are focused on maintaining genetic diversity and promoting the breed’s utility in sustainable agriculture and ecotourism. Breeding programs in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic are crucial for the breed’s preservation, supported by organizations such as the Hucul International Federation. Challenges include limited genetic diversity due to isolated breeding populations and competition from modern agricultural practices.

Native country

Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary



Risk Level

Endangered: ca. 4.000


127-145 cm

Coat colour

Dun, Bay, black, chestnut, painted


Hucul International Federation, Arche Austria

Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Free Horse

semi-feral; free roaming in the mountains

Other names of the Hucul horse

Huzule — Huculska — Hutsul — Huțul — Huțan — Carpathian Pony

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Czech Republic



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