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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: endangered
Listed by DAD-IS
Workhorse horse breed from Italy

Informations about the rare Maremmano

The Maremmano, a distinguished horse breed rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Maremma, Italy, embodies the essence of Italian equestrian tradition. Renowned for its resilience and versatility, this breed reflects the historical significance and cultural richness of its homeland.

Origin and history of the Maremmano

Originating in the Maremma region of Tuscany, the Maremmano has a heritage steeped in antiquity, tracing its roots back to ancient times. This robust breed evolved through a selective breeding process, integrating local Italian stock with influences from Barb and Arabian horses. The Maremmano’s historical roles include serving as a steadfast companion for shepherds in the rugged terrains of Maremma. Despite facing challenges related to mechanization and changing agricultural practices, the Maremmano persists as a symbol of Italy’s equestrian legacy.

Character and features of the Maremmano

The Maremmano presents a majestic spectacle, standing gracefully between 155 to 165 cm at the withers. Noteworthy for its robust build and distinctive Roman nose, this breed projects an air of strength and elegance. Known for its intelligence and gentle demeanor, the Maremmano possesses a unique combination of endurance and calmness, making it an ideal partner for various equestrian pursuits. Its expressive eyes and well-defined features contribute to its overall allure.

Utilisation of the rare Maremmano

Versatility defines the Maremmano’s role, transcending its historical duties as a working horse for shepherds. While its roots lie in agriculture, these horses have adapted to modern demands, excelling in recreational riding, competitive sports, and even therapy programs. The Maremmano’s innate athleticism and cooperative nature make it a sought-after breed for riders seeking both performance and companionship.

Current situation of the rare and endangered Maremmano

Although not officially listed as endangered, the Maremmano faces challenges common to traditional breeds. Italian equestrian organizations actively engage in conservation efforts, focusing on preserving the breed’s genetic diversity and promoting its adaptability in contemporary settings. Breeders and enthusiasts collaborate to safeguard the Maremmano’s heritage, recognizing its cultural significance and distinct attributes. While the population remains stable, concerted efforts are essential to ensure the continued well-being of this iconic Italian breed.

Native country



regional/national, Tuscany

Risk Level

Endangered: ca. 3.500


160-170 cm

Coat colour

Bay, black


Working horse



Forgotten horse

Rare and endangered

Free Horse

Elevage extensif

Other names of the Maremmano horse

Cavallo Maremmano — Maremma  horse — Tuscan horse

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Where to find the rare Maremmano

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The group provides information and facilitates international exchange on rare and endangered horse breeds.
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