Massive Breton draft horse stallions on the beach

On my last voyage to France I photographed massive Breton draft horse stallions on a magnificent beach in Brittany.

The Breton horse breed

Last September I travelled in France and visited some of the most beautiful places in Brittany during one of my Explorer Tours. This part of the country is rich in mystic forests, standing stones, cliffed coasts, rocky beaches, lighthouses and of course horses. One of the oldest horse breeds and one of the most popular draft horses originates this region: the Breton draft horse.

Breton draft horse stallions on the beach

Fortunately the Breton draft horse is not endangered at all. This breed suffered like all draft horses in the second half of the 20th century of the mechanisation and loss of jobs for heavy horses, but they grew strong again the 1990s.

Nevertheless it is an experience to work with local and native horses, especially on massive and big ones like the Breton draft horse. It is important to me to include “unusual” breeds in my photo sessions and put the spotlight on them.

Cheval de Trait and Postier​

Like many other universally used horses in one specific region, there used to be many different types within the Breton breed. Today only three are left: the heavy draft type called Trait Breton, the smaller draft type called Petit Trait Breton and the more compact and lighter, almost sportive type called Postier. I was happy to meet with the two Breton draft horse stallions of two types on a beautiful beach in Brittany for the photo session.

Postier Breton and Trait Breton

1100 kg of pure Power

One of my actors of this photo session is Goliath de Kerfaro, a massive Breton draft stallion with 1100 kg of pure Power. He is of the heavy draft type and was amazing to shoot with. I especially liked to show off his curves 🙂 The second horse is Un Bras, a Breton stallion of the Postier type. Both enjoyed the beach time and as it is said in German: they were standing like rocks in the waves.

Forgotten Horses Group on Facebook

This group is part of the Forgotten Horses project and aims to raise awareness of endangered horse breeds and to contribute to the preservation of the diversity of horse breeds and free living and wild horses.
The group provides information and facilitates international exchange on rare and endangered horse breeds.
Breton draft horse stallion on the beach
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Preserve equine diversity

Forgotten Horses

Almost 60% of our equine breeds are endangered or have a vulnerable status with such small populations, that their destiny often depends on the selfless commitment of individual persons. It is my mission now to explore rare and endangered horse breeds and to raise awareness by giving them a new platform and to preserve equine diversity.

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This is a horse breed gallery to show the horses of the world I have photographed for my projects Forgotten Horses and Free Horses, as well as during my other photographic actives, events and travels. 

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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Critical
Listed by DAD-IS
Warmblood horse breed from Czech Republic

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Highland Pony

Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: Vulnurable
Listed by DAD-IS, RBST

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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: vulnurable
Listed by DAD-IS
Draft horse breed from France


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