Modell call

Call for models

For Forgotten Horses, Free Horses other projects I always look for specific horses. With your information you can help me to keep track.

Do you own a stunning horse that is very photogenic? Do you train your horse in tricks and free work? Do you like to stand in front of the camera and do you do photo sessions with your horse? Do you own a herd in a beautiful place or horses of a special breed, colour or other outstanding characteristic? Do you own and breed a rare and endangered horse breed? Do you have access to free living horses (wild horses, semi-wild, seasonally free)?

I am always looking for horses and new faces for my projects, which I can photograph or use in my Explorer Events (workshops, photo trips).

By adding them to my personal database you can help me make plans for upcoming events and photo trips.

  • I’m looking for horse-human teams or also only for horses alone
  • By entering your data, you won’t automatically have a photo session with me, nor that it will necessarily be for free (TFP) or paid. 
  • I can’t guarantee working with you. My choice for a model might not always be communicated or justified.
  • I will inform you about my upcoming plans, tours and model calls via newsletter. This is not my regular newsletter, but a specific only for models
  • I promise I won’t spam and I won’t give away your data to anybody.
  • You don’t have to be in the photo of you don’t want to. I’m looking for horse-human teams as well as for single horses.