Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 — Top 100

My photo made it into the Top 100 shortlist in the category “Portrait” at the Pet Photographer of the Year Award 2021

I'm in the Top 100 Pet Photographer Club Awards

I’m delighted to announce, that my photograph “Poésie” with Haflinger mare Indyana made it into the Top 100 at the Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 Awards. I joined the competition in the portrait category and I’m happy, that amongst so many strong photos and great photographers, my photo made it this far.

Once again I’m equally proud to have entered such a popular a competition with one of my Haflinger horse photos and mastered the first step.

Have a look at the Top 100 Photos of the 2021 Awards here!

Explorer Tour photo in category Pets + People

I’m also very happy to discover that a photograph taken by Tiia Tahvanainen during one of my Explorer Tours in South Tyrol  made it into the Top 100 shortlist in the category Pets + People.


Providing the setting for successful work during my Tours, workshops and Explorer Events makes me equally proud, just as participating with pictures myself. This my motivation to keep the photo sessions during my Explorer Events on a high level: so the results are award worthy.


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