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Your photo session with me

Photo sessions are exciting experiences and create unique memories. I offer a large variety of sessions for horses owners, breeders, business owners, societies and equestrians.

Let's have a session with your horse!

There are 1001 possibilities to bring your horse into the best light. To give you an idea, I have listed some popular session types. 


Let's visualise the history and heritage of your breed with traditional outfits, harnesses and and environment that fits to the horse. Is it a working breed? Let's capture the performance to show the world.


Let's produce some eye-candy of your horse and make a glamour portrait session. The world should learn more about this breed and they will pay more attention, if they are mesmerised by high quality portraits that represent the true nature of the breed.


Let's show how well your breed performs under the saddle or pulling a carriage. It is a crucial point to show the world, that these horses are not only nice to look at, but also perfect team members and talented sport partners.

Free Action

Let's show the power and pure beauty of equines by having some action with your horse. This can be while letting it run free on a field or a lunge somewhere outside your barn.

Lifestyle & Influencer

You are a fashionista, live the dream of the country side, love to model and pose or need quality photo content for your booming social media sites? Let's do lifestyle shots to keep the numbers growing.

Horses & Landscape

The history of your horse breed is connected to its region and formed by the conditions of the location. Let's put your horse in its natural surroundings and combine the session with the stunning landscape.

(Free) Herds

You don't only own one horse, but you have a whole herd? They live free somewhere in the country? Or the pastures at your barn are scenic enough? I love observing group dynamics and social behaviour in herds.


By reducing the background to a minimum, the true beauty and grace of a horse is set to a maximum. Black background sessions are very popular for portraits and easily made in your barn.


I'm always open for themed sessions with unicorns, medieval knights, celtic horses, mystic ponies, war horses or fairy equines. Do you have an outfit, a locations and ideas for fantasy photos? I'm in!

Horses at Work

Your horse has a job and is needed for the work on the field, for cattle management or as pack horse? Or it earns its hay in a modern job as therapy horse? I will document your working routine.


Your horse is a professional trick pony? You can put it everywhere without bridle? It maybe even know tricks like rearing or the spanish walk? Sessions with well trained horses are definitely a lot of fun.

Products & Business

Do you have a business and need quality and authentic pictures to promote your tack, products or services? We can produce your marketing content together or I have a few good models at my disposition for product sessions.

Only Haflinger horses?

My heart beats for blonde horses, but I photograph all horses and animals and people 🙂 The pictures and scenarios above should demonstrate how various photo sessions and a horse breed can be.


Book me on my photo tours

I'm an explorer and I travel a lot around Germany and Europe and sometimes I have to drive a longer distance to reach my destination. I offer photo sessions on my route, who knows if I will travel this area again anytime soon? Use this unique opportunity AND save money by booking me on a photo tour.

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Dress up your horse

To dress up your horse and give it an extra touch I offer a variety of bridles, halters and horse jewellery and flower crowns for you. They allow you to complete your outfits or just have a themed session with special tack.

See Equine Outfits

International bookings welcome

To continue my work on Forgotten Horses I'm always looking for rare and endangered horse breeds and semi-feral herds for Free Horses. Don't hesitate to contact me if you own such a horse or know good addresses to breeders and owners in Europe. I work world wide and travel a lot in Europe.

See full breed list

Do you own an endangered breed or a free roaming herd?

Do you own an endangered breed, volunteer for a trust or have access to a semi-feral herd? I would love to portrait your horses as part of my Forgotten Horses project and visit free roaming herds as part of my Free Horses project.


I will be at your photographic service and together we will capture whatever your heart desires with all my heart and soul. After the session you will be able to select your favourite pictures which I will edit and polish for you. 

  • I don't work after the clock, sessions take 1,5h - 2h time
  • I work in all weather conditions, as long as it doesn't get dangerous for horses and people
  • You will always get edited & retouched high quality photos for print and web optimised with my logo for internet use
  • For each edit and polishing it takes at least 20 minutes, for a bigger composing up to 3h per picture
  • I can retouch hands, fences, leashes or whole backgrounds, but I appreciate a well prepared session. The less retouching is necessary, the bigger the outcome for all of us.
  • Photo session & 5 photos 229 €

    Basic price for the session and 5 professional edited photos you can select from a personal gallery

  • Photo session & 10 photos 299 €

    Basic price for the session and 10 professional edited photos you can select from a personal gallery

  • Additional photo 25 €

    More edited & retouched photos can be purchased

  • All Photos of the session 399 €

    Optional: All photos of the session edited, but not retouched

  • Travel expenses not included

    Travel expenses are not included or book my during my photo tours.

  • Commercial use tbd.

    Ask me for prices for commercial use, business, breeders, horse sales pictures, businesses or barns.

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