Photosession with Altoldenburger stallion Laurin

I photographed Laurin last autumn and again recently for my Forgotten Horses project. Such a set of pictures is ideal for the stallion and rare breed promotion.

Altoldenburg stallion Laurin - what a jet-black beauty!

For my Forgotten Horses project, I was looking for a representative of the endangered Altoldenburg horse breed during my last tour in autumn and found Laurin. During a photo shoot, portraits were taken: beautiful shots of the charming head, as well as static shots for the conformation evaluation, as one would like to have for stud horses. I also took riding pictures, as it is important to me to photograph the horses in motion and, of course, at work.

Equestrian session: single driving with Laurin

That’s why I was all the more pleased to photograph the beautiful Laurin once again, this time in his favourite discipline, single carriage driving. I took photos of the carriage in dressage and obstacle driving, as well as in individual marathon elements.
Together they make a nice set of pictures of Laurin for stallion promotion, but also to promote the rare and endangered Alt-Oldenburg horse.

Showing rare breeds in beauty and function

It is very important to me for my Forgotten Horses project to photograph the rare breeds not only in beautiful portraits, but also at work and in usage. Most of the time this doesn’t work out in one go, but you have to make several appointments, or photograph many different horses.
However, I’m full of anticipation for the coming summer, because in May I’ll be in Thuringia and Central Germany, and after that I’ll really be heading north! And I can finally continue working on Forgotten Horses 🖤
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Altoldenburger Hengst Laurin
Altoldenburger Hengst Laurin beim Fahren

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This group is part of the Forgotten Horses project and aims to raise awareness of endangered horse breeds and to contribute to the preservation of the diversity of horse breeds and free living and wild horses.
The group provides information and facilitates international exchange on rare and endangered horse breeds.
Altoldenburger Hengst Laurin
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Forgotten Horses

Almost 60% of our equine breeds are endangered or have a vulnerable status with such small populations, that their destiny often depends on the selfless commitment of individual persons. It is my mission now to explore rare and endangered horse breeds and to raise awareness by giving them a new platform and to preserve equine diversity.

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This is a horse breed gallery to show the horses of the world I have photographed for my projects Forgotten Horses and Free Horses, as well as during my other photographic actives, events and travels. 

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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: unkown
Listed by DAD-IS

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Risk Level: at risk
Local Risk Level: endangered
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Mountain horse breed from France/Spain


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