Postcard Set “Forgotten Horses from Germany”


High-quality postcard set consisting of 14 motifs of 14 rare and endangered horse breeds from Germany. This set is a product of my project “Forgotten Horses”.

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This is the first time that a high-quality postcard set consisting of 14 motifs of the 14 endangered horse breeds from Germany has been published. Support me and my project sustainably by sending a postcard again! These photos were taken for my project Forgotten Horses with the aim to raise awareness for endangered horse breeds and to contribute to the preservation of the diversity of horse breeds.

  • Set consists of 14 postcards in Din A6 format
  • 14 rare and endangered horse breeds from Germany
  • Small fact sheet on the back
  • Photos by Cécile Zahorka, The Pixel Nomad
  • Created for the Forgotten Horses project
  • The breeds shown are Rottaler, Altwürttemberger, Arenberg-Nordkirchner, Leutstettener, Sächsisch-Thüringisches Schweres Warmblut, Rheinisch-Deutsches Kaltblut, Dülmener, Schleswiger Kaltblut, Lehmkuhlener Pony, Altoldenburger/Altostfriese, Alte Mecklenburger, Senner, Schwarzwälder, Pfalz-Ardenner.


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