SIM Games & Virtual stables

I receive many requests if my pictures can be used in virtual games or SIM games. Yes, my pictures can be used for this, but only if you follow and respect my conditions 100%:

Rules & Conditions for the usage of my photos in SIM games

  • write me a message which pictures should be used and how- on which site with link or screenshot –
  • always credit me with Vor-die-Linse Fotografie and The Pixel Nomad
  • if possible also my facebook site ( and instagram ( / @vor.die.linse) (and follow ^^)
  • my watermark / copyright shall never be removed
  • my photos should never be transformed: no cropping and no color filters or stickers on it
  • keep me informed about what pictures you used and how you used them (some updates would be nice) and how your game is going 😉
  • Always keep in mind, that other people pay money for my photos and it shouldn’t be taken for granted, that I accept them to be used in online games