About the Pixel Nomad

by Ines Meier Fotografie

Hi! My name is Cécile and I am Interface Designer and Photographer.pixelnomad_blak

A strong Wanderlust resides inside meand gives me impulses for short trips and bigger journeys. I travel to new photo locations like a nomad and make new friends alongside the road to get there. I am an active couch surfer and love and live the idea to provide travellers with shelter and food. For photographic and design jobs I traveled in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, France, Luxemburg, Portugal, UK, USA and even to Ethiopia. I’m keen to explore any small or big place in the world. Most of the time my two dogs Zim and Rumo accompany me and you will see them in plenty of my pictures. These two even do couch surfing with me and are easygoing and adapt to any new situation quickly. Learn more about Rumo and Zim.



Photographer at Vor-die-Linse Fotografie
My design portfolio on cecile.cz
My internet project Das Haflingerforum

Interface Design student at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Designer at Design Research Lab Berlin
You can find me on twitter and Xing