Explorer Tour — Wildlings and native horses, adventurous horse photo tour for equine photographers by the Pixel Nomad

Explorer Tour: Micro Adventure 09.-13 July 2023

Alpine Tour

The all-time favourite Explorer Tour through the Alps is back! Join me on this thrilling scouting adventure as we search for fascinating horses, discover stunning locations, and indulge in some “Alm hopping.” Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the alpine landscape as we visit various mountain pastures, where horses roam freely. Capture the essence of these magnificent creatures against the backdrop of picturesque mountains and valleys. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, this tour promises excitement, awe-inspiring sights, and unforgettable encounters with horses in their natural habitat. Embark on this unique journey with me and create memories that will last a lifetime.



group size

min. 1 max. 2 persons

Trip Type

Explorative Scouting tour

Fitness Level

Hiking necessary


Explorer Tours are intense, adventurous and absolutely unique. This is the photo tour of a lifetime you won’t regret.

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Impressions of the locations and models

Beautiful landscapes, native breeds of horses, free-roaming herds and regional attractions await you.

Tour equine photography adventure starts here

Explorer Tour

Join me on one of my horse photo scouting tours and discover new horses and new locations with me. During my micro photo tours I’m on the constant search for new exciting models and breathtaking backgrounds. Therefore I’m travelling for a weekend or a few days and schedule photo sessions: from the vast beaches of the North Sea to the panoramic summits of the Alps, in forests and fields, in castles and barns. Each Explorer Tour is unique! And each photo tour is a micro adventure. Discover rare equine breeds, free horses, golden Haflingers and other horse beauties with me.

Exciting and intense

What to expect

The Explorer Tour is no wellness holiday 😉 depending on the distances I will organise 2 to 4 photo sessions a day. This can be exhausting and we will also spend a lot of time on the road. We will meet horses who have never had a shooting before and are unknown to the community. At the same time I also enjoy meeting experienced horse models which are a dream to work with. Each Explorer Tour is unique, individual and a small adventure.

Perform on a new level

What you can learn

How to handle unexperienced horses? How to check out the location and search for the best spots? How to instruct the owner and helpers for the best poses? How to work flexible and spontaneous in a short amount of time? How to tickle the best out of a situation? 

No teacher-student situation wanted? Don’t worry, we can also meet at eye level and inspire each other by sharing our photographic secrets and enjoy the tour.

Fine Art Photosession and Advertising Photography
Join me on my adventures

Upcoming Explorer Dates

Check out my Explorer Events for the upcoming year. Don’t miss to sign up, they will not be repeated and spots are limited.


Do you want to see photos of past Explorer Tours on Instagram? Have a look at #explorer_tour and see the results of the other photographers who joined me for a tour.

Camper Adventure

Experience the freedom to roam in combination with all your favourite equipment. Travelling by camping car allows us to explore longer and wider, with more comfort. The best thing: bring your family or partner! While we are off for horse photography, they can enjoy themselves in their field of interest. This way you can combine a horse photo tour with a family holiday. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your dog too 😉


The Camper Adventure is limited to max. 3 active photographers and/or 3 camper vans.

Micro Adventure

Let’s go off for intense 2-3 days or extended weekend to roam in a specific area. All days are packed with photo shootings and interesting experiences. We will travel together and spend the nights in hotels or hostels. I will pick you up and drop you off at a station, all you need to bring is your dear and some Wanderlust.

The Micro Adventure is limited to 1 photographer.

Informations & Basic conditions

Each Explorer Tour is highly individual and I don’t intend to repeat identical tours. Compared to a planned and scheduled Photo Expedition, we will be confronted with the unexpected and some Explorer Tours can be surprising. This is why the Explorer Tours have reasonable prices and are mainly calculated to cover the costs. Please contact me for price and detail of a tour.


I was fortunate to be accompanied by these amazing photographers. Here’s what they say.